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My Ideal Person:I'm looking for the down to earth but spicy man. I love to love a man that's all man in the right places. Looking for the biker hero i need to take me to heaven. make me laugh and show kindness you will win my heart and body!!!YOu got to have as many ideas as i have to make life worth something.


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Looking For Awesome Sex!
We're a very close, happily married couple for over 15 years with a VERY high sex drive! We are very outgoing and easy to get along with. We've been in the lifestyle for 10+ years, so we know what we want. She is 100% bi-sexual and multi-orgasmic. He is 100% straight, and we both love to fuck for hours. I am the opposite of most women when it cums to oral. I have a 3 ring circus for you to play in hehe Yes, my box is a jewelry box so to speak! THEREFORE, I like an EXTREMELY FEATHER LIGHT teasing touch (that makes me cum fast). Never pull on the rings, and I don't like fingers inside me, only dick. If this is a turn off for you, then I'm not your girl! Not to mention, I have an extremely tight pussy, and therefore I cannot and will not take girth. It's all about pleasure and not pain. Length is great, I LOVE length and feeling it deep inside me.


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back again
I'm just a normal guy who has an over active sex drive. Smart, funny, a nice person to be around. If you would like to know more feel free to ask I won't bite your head off


Happy Anniversary to was one year ago that I first logged on to SeekingMarriedPersonals.Com...and it's been one helluva good year! Since it is the anniversary of my first year in the online world of SeekingMarriedPersonals.Com, and some people (Dan) have been bugging me about sharing some of the "firsts" I've experienced while here, I thought I'd go ahead and write it up...for all this world to read you enjoy it!

Aside from the obvious, this being the first time I ever joined any kind of online hook-up service, you gotta love the fact that, when everyone kept suggesting I join some sort of online "dating" service so I wouldn't be alone...

* there was the first guy I ever agreed to meet in person, who is now considered among my dearest friends as well as favorite playmates.

* there was the first guy who ever challenged me with his oral skills...

* there was my first ever 3-some...with two very healthy young individuals who are always eager to please...and still come around to visit now & then, though usually separately...although more than welcome together again too!

* there was my very first 4-some...given to me as a gift for my birthday!

* there was the first man I ever let tie me up...who also ended up being the first guy to ever "spank" me with something other than his hand...and, yes dear, I liked it a lot!

* there was the first man I ever let shave me...who just happened to be that first guy I ever met too! Did I mention he became a very good friend?

* there was the first time I was ever contacted initially by a woman...who wanted to know if I might be interested in keeping her husband company while he was stationed near here...whom I thank most graciously for the loan of such a well-skilled individual...thanks again love!

* there was the first married man I ever met who had such a great grasp of the difference between love & sex...

* there was my first ever encounter with a young man only half my took some effort to convince me to agree...but I'm damn glad I did...even with the resulting cracked ribs...which I never actually told him about...ooops! kisses & licks baby!

* there was the first time I ever learned the word "puppy" had a totally different meaning here...which was also the first time I learned I had a puppy of my like puppies, they're definitely fun to play with!

* there was the first time a man ever sent me a nude photo...which I kept and is now part of a folder currently containing over 200 fabulous pics...

There you have it my dears...all the firsts of this past year here on SeekingMarriedPersonals.Com ...or at least all of those which I could recall at the I'm sure you all will be sure to let me know if I've forgotten anything important...

( HottyWoman81 )

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